The Heritage Turkey company

Ecologies was a module on my MA Design and Environment masters. It’s aims were to understand through mapping the Social, Material and Mental “ecologies” of an object through a more robust and interconnected understanding.

I have been studying industrial food production throughout the course and chose the Christmas Turkey. This study gave me a fuller understanding of the social psychology behind eating meat as well as an understanding of how this bird has physically change as a result of intensive breeding. What I ‘designed’ as a result of this research was a return to the heritage turkey, one that has not been intensively bread and was healthy and happy. I also placed a value on the days it had been alive as a mark of quality. The food it was fed was also important, shifting from corn to locally grown cereals. I also created a booklet that would come with the product that shows the user how to use a whole bird as my research showed that these skills had been lost.