I currently work at Newt Idea, a Service design Agency. Here I am able to work across Visual design, Communications and Service design Strategy.

I have a background in Graphic Design and over the past few years have worked with Impact Hub Islington and Kings Cross – using co-design methodologies to build spaces and to facilitate workshops. I spent four years at Pulse Brands, with clients such as The Social Business Trust, Artraker, Moneyline, BP Alternative Energy and CCP (Carbon Capture and Storage), working across brand, communications and organisational change management.

I enjoy the point where design and communication meets sustainability and recently completed an MA in Design and Environment, bridging the gap in my own knowledge around these two subjects and coming to the conclusion that

Through both my time studying and working I have come to the conclusion that systems thinking and an iterative approach to design is most important. My Interdisciplinary approach has allowed me to use both strategy, design and creativity to work with clients, communicate ideas and explore and re-design invisible systems such as services.

At a intersection in time where sustainability so very much needs to be address I believe designers has a role to play. I’m at my best when I get under the skin of a problem and use creativity and strategy to tackle it.